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Dear Princeton Review's Top Ten Party Schools 2010,

While Harvard ranks #1 for its academics, and University of Maryland for its athletics, X University ranks __ for its parties – parties which foster camaraderie, school spirit, and 2 am 911 calls. My name is Andrew Carr and I have never been to an X University party. However, as a recent college graduate I have attended parties that exemplify the characteristics of a stereotypical collegiate bash – replete with kegs, pot, and girls. As a professional artist working in Salem, Massachusetts, I cannot assay this version of the college party without first exploring it artistically. Hence, I have created a series of 21 etchings which feature young men and women that could be X University students by their social inclinations.


When the party is over, post-party entertainment tends to take the form of a Facebook photo album, in which the partying students share photographs of moments of intoxication, and “tag” (attach one's name to) each picture with pride or “untag” (remove one's name from) each picture with shame. In turn, I have tagged the generic college student in my “Tag! You're It” series. Tagged are images of beer funneling, jello shots, and keg stands; I refrain, however, from tagging a political agenda. My work aims to visually provoke a discussion on the after-hours X University social scene, which could be used as an exercise in debate, an investigation of the use of free time, or a pedagogical moment of truth. Below are 5 images from the Tag! You're It series and below is a link where the entire set can be viewed. 

Enjoy, and please contact me if the university would be interested in showcasing the etchings for the students.

Thank You,

Andrew Carr

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